Siklus Indonesia

in order to respond to the very rapid growth in the field of information technology and the development of application technology needed as well as in industry

Thus, we provide the best combination of expertise in the form of professional services and technology, so as to provide TOTAL SOLUTION to all customers.

Besides having a lot of experience in consulting and after-sales services and supported by leading business partners in the world, which distinguishes us from Information Technology (IT) / Industrial / TNI / Polri Equipment Other is our real commitment to provide the best service for Client. Likewise with our efforts to improve the quality of services that cover the latest technology, the best facilities and solutions & provide the best after-sales services at an efficient cost.

By choosing us as partners, there are many benefits that you can get, such as measurable services to support the performance of IT & industrial systems, increase server performance & ensure the availability of supporting resources. We also offer maintenance services as well as other important activities, which are packaged according to your needs & budget, all these services are carried out by utilizing the latest technology & done by expert hands who already have certification to carry out the work.

Our Vision

Our company vision to be a reliable and focused in the field of military or police equipment and information technology (IT). Concern for services quality & product value.

Our Mission

  • Having development research capebilities and manufacturing according to current and demands

  • The development of superior human resource both hard skills and soft skills

  • Applying national & international industry standards

  • Responsive to the latest technology development that are appropriate for the client

  • Prioritize local content in each product development

  • Produce innovation product in accordance with TNI/polri equipment


Arazzaq Fajrah Taubari
Chief Executive Officer

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